Maurice Freuwört
German web designer, front end developer and currently to hire.

I need a website
I like my websites how I like my rooms – tidy, clean, and well thought through. So this translates to how I code. I try to keep my code as clean and light weight as possible while giving the user a great experience.
Web designer
Designing is one of my favorite things to do. And especially the web offers you so many creative ways to express yourself and tell your story. So naturally I love web design in all its functions and abilities.
Front end developer
Making the aesthetics look right is one thing, but I care about every aspect of creating a website. From the user interface and user experience to the performance of the site.
The Brasilien AG (Brazil project group) is a small group of volunteers that help kids near the amazon by visiting them and building entire schools. The website is their main communication platform. visit
A rather small site for an important man.
I made the
webpage for the german conductor Stefan PD Runge. He was my first official client and since
I made his
site I improved
quite a bit. :D visit
Email & Phone
You need a website, want to give me feedback or just want to contact me?
Then send me an email or call me between 4pm - 7pm:

Phone: +49 1511 7256498 (DE)
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