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About me I'm Maurice Freuwört - a freelance designer and web developer born in Germany in lower Saxony. My passion is to craft beautiful designs for the web and software products for everyone to enjoy. I love creating clean and user-orientated interfaces using HTML and CSS and giving them life with technologies like Node.js, Electron and Vue.js. Feel free to contact me for anything design and web development related or check out my social media.
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April 2017 Stefan PD Runge
June 2018 Brasilien AG - School Project
August 2019 DRV Gencestor
November 2019 DRV e.V. - Website

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Gencestor Management & print for kennel clubs
Gencestor is a user-friendly solution for kennel clubs to create pedigrees and managing animal data. Gencestor offers an easy to learn workflow from creating a new litter over entering new data about puppies to printing the pedigree. An drag and drop layout editor allows Gencestors pedigrees to be highly customizable. Gencestor will first be released in Germany to kennel clubs centered around dogs. A specific release date is not yet planned but the software is currently tested by the DRV e.V. and will be available soon.
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Own database Every user will have the ability to join a kennel club. Each kennel club then has their own database to store documents, settings but first and formost animal data in. This data can shared with other kennel club members from everywhere around the the world.
Customizable The main aspect of Gencestor lies in creating pedigrees for animals. Gencestor gives every kennel club the chance to design their unique layout of their pedigree. This will be achieved through a drag-n-drop layout editor.
Less work Creating a pedigree for each animal from scratch requires a lot of time. Even with a premade forms require the user to enter much of the same data twice. Gencestor automatically enters duplicate data for the user.
Easy to get going Gencestor is designed to be user-friendly and easy to learn. A new user can learn the workflow of Gencestor in hours if not minutes.