About me and my work

My Story

I'm Maurice Freuwört - born in Germany and currently based in lower Saxony. At the age of 11 I first got access to a computer. It was an old clunky box my parents had laying around from earlier days pared with an antique tube monitor. And even though it couldn't run more than ms paint and notepad at the same time I still enjoyed tinkering around with the limited tools it gave me. A few years later I got my first own PC. This opened a whole lot of oppertunities for me. But I didn't began coding before another year. At that time I was part of our schools newspaper club and made their website - my first ''client'' so to say. It wasn't a masterpiece - not in the slightest, but it marked the beginning of my interest in web development. The way a simple text editor allowed me to create beautiful looking webpages out of basically nothing intrigued me. Other than in for example the video game industry you didn't need to pay for anything to get impressing and professional results. For sure you can create all the scripts, models and textures yourself but this is either very time consuming or you'll need special (perhaps paid) software to achieve respectable results. In recent years the need for paid software has drastically reduced. Especially through the re-release of the Blender software und sites like texturehaven.com. But at the time I learned HTML and CSS this was just the easiest way for me to make my designs into a real thing I could save and later publish.
Pretty soon I noticed that HTML and CSS alone wouldn't allow me to create all the things I had in mind. I've heard about Javascript and what it could do so I decided to learn my first programming language. With Javascript came the wish to code a login for the mentioned newspaper-site. Even though today I would say this wasn't the smartest let alone the most optimized choice, I learned PHP too.
My understanding of PHP up to this day isn't to the degree I'd like it to be but it's enough to build some working and secure APIs for smaller projects of mine.
The newspaper website and the school-newspaper as a whole sadly didn't stay for long. What stayed, though, was my will to create amazing designs. Soon after the school project ended the beta of Adobe XD was released for free. This was my first contact I had with Adobes software. XD made it possible for me to really plan ahead and organize my designs before I translate them into code. Through this I got involved with other Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator. Over the years I got experience using the software.
Only recently I decided to take this hobby to a new level and become a freelance designer and developer.